Wonderland Construction and
Landscape contains three skills
combined into one. First is
construction. Construction includes
blue print, blue print reading, site
lay outs, footings, roof
covering,foundations, floor framing,
wall framing, concrete forming, and
exterior finishes, and trims.
The next skill is Carpentry.
Carpentry includes interior finishes,
stairs, door and door hardware,
cabinet making, furniture making,
decks, sun rooms, painting, hardwood
floors, tile, basement and attic
finishing, home remodeling, interior
design, general and custom
The last skill is Landscape.
Landscape includes grass cutting,
cut shrubs and plants, edge grass,
pressure washing, gutter cleaning,
flower beds, Belgard Hardscapes,
spreading pine straw, rake and blow
leaves, small tree removal, planting
trees for the environment, water
fountains, garden ponds, and general
outside maintenance.
Home owners want their landscapes
to be beautify their residences, suit
their life styles and needs, and
reflect their personalities. A
handsome and well-planed landscape
can go a long way toward
maintaining or even increasing a
home valve, or businesses
Watermark Encrypted
Should I clear the whole lot and start over?  Coming through out here!
Free range Red Road Island ,Sussex ,Leghorn, and Orpington chickens
Free range Red Anges
100% Black Pura Raza Espanola
Half Sanon and half Nigerian goats
Bulldog 51 mix with TIF
Bermuda grass seed
100% Thoroughbred (G3)
100% Kentucky saddler
Newborn colt
Young brown Kentucky saddler mare
Price Charles Pole Cattle bull
%100 Redmen Bloodline
Newborn Mare 60% Arabian 40% Redman
 100 % Brown Kentucky saddlers
Trust the process
Bloodline 100% New born American Quarter horse colt