Living Legends Pitbull Kennel           Ukc or ADBA Registerd
Good Time BBQ
Supreme Detail
Geek Squad
Car engine, car build, and bike build
Home of the 125 mph Yamaha Banshee.
Run in the high 4s 1/8 of a mile.
Ask for Hot Rod---Owner
Atlanta Fish Aquatics
Specializing in fish aquarium
set ups and cleaning.
Custom tanks
Set up from  10, 300 gallon or
Both salt and fresh water.
 Top Bloodline Honey Bunch, Red Boy Bottom CH.Chinamen 2xJeep(ROM)
Watermark Encrypted
Claxton chicken, homemade sausage, and homemade boudin somke with pecan and maple wood
Fresh whole Red Snapper caught fresh roasted over pecan and maple coals
UKC Bloodline Top 9xBlue Boggie and Da la Cuz Bottom CH.Chinamen and Da La Cuz
Champagne color produced pup UKC Bloodline Top Watchdog and Gotti Bottom Watchdog and Da La Cuz
UKC bloodline top 9x blue boggie,gotti bottom CH.Chinmen 2xJeep(ROM)
Whole Red fish hand filet High Mountain Salmon rub blend with rosemary,sage,and marjoram lemon butter beurre blanc sauce with creamy spinach risotto
Scotch bonnet curry chicken with white potatos peas and rice with side of cabbage and carrots
Mediterranean East Indian spice Baharat-- Cumin,Coriander,Rosemary,Sumac,Allspice and seared whole fresh water crappie pan fish with red and yellow peppers....trying to go fishing...Yamas
LaGrange-Troup County Drag
UKC Bloodline Top Gotti and Edge Bottom Da La Cuz amd Gotti
Citrus marinated chicken and spainish rice burritos with roasted sweet corn sala. Homemade tamales also not pictured.
Everyone think their fast until they get gap at 400 feet...
UKC Tri Color Top Bloodline Grand Ch.Chinamen, Honeybunch, Bottom Redboy,Gotti
Good Time Cultural Cravings
Free range Anges beef burger with smoke gouda and provolone cheese
ADBA Old Family Red Nose Top and Bottom
Jitterbug Kennels
UKC Game bred Fawn color female, fawn and champagne tri color offspring
Whole chicken smoked with pecan and maple wood
ADBA Old Family Rednose bloodline top and bottom
African jollof rice with peanut butter, brussel sprouts, African spice salmon African Nutmeg ehuru,white pepper,black pepper,fresh ginger,anise seeds,basil,parsley,paprika
Baby back ribs smoke with pecan and maple wood
Whole Black Sea Bass hand filet with lemon butter bar Blanc sauce and homemade smoke potato salad
Thi chili haddock, hand filet with a carrot and coconut curry sauce on a bed of  tomato and cucumber salsa with chives and scallions
Homemade Italian tortellini and ravioli stuff with romano cheese and spinach in a alfredo sauce
ADBA Top Old family red nose bottom UKC 9 xBlue boogie and Gotti
Free range grass feed angus beef brisket burnt ends with homemade garlic mash potatoes with smoke Gouda cheese and grilled garlic asparagus
Homemade lamb Pho potstickers with Soy,ginger,Sake,green onion dipping sauce
Moroccan spice Cumin,ginger,salt,cinnamon,coriander,cayenne,allspice,black pepper..butternutt squash puree,mushroom risotto top with spinach Cherry olives, well done seared scallops
The coach's specialty
Leg Greene
Ukc bloodline reg. Top North Carolina Rowdytown,Ch. Chinaman bottom Gucci Razor Edge,Gotti, big head, short and stocky build.
2nd generation
Grilled salmon with oranges...High Mountain Salmon seasonig
373 gear posi rear end, back half with a plate, small tire
Trust the process
Homemade calzones..Inspired by Papa Ginos Mattapan Square, Massachusetts
Mattapan Sq. special
Homemade alfredo sauce
Homemade yellow corn soft  torilla sliders
Free range black angus beef bisket, mac and cheese, squash medley
Spinach and 3 cheese omelette, cheese grits, turkey sausage, French flatbread or French toast...Chrismas brunch
Whole turkey smoked with peacan and maple wood, Boston butts, and sausage
 Picnic Fried apple glaze pastries and tarts....trying to go fishing
Grilled thi chili Shrimp on a bed of grilled asparagus.